Father’s Passing


Looking over the footage, I was so moved by this question from
Nancy. Lovingly, yet pressing her question firmly to the mat, and
making sure that Hyung Jin answered the question of *did anyone
pull the plug?”

I’m glad she did because that very suggestion,  or accusation, if you
will, is making the rounds in the Sanctuary Church’s campaign against
True Mother these days, saying that she unplugged True Father’s air

I truly love this version of Hyung Jin, when he is in total support of
True Mother. I certainly hope that he finds that heart again.

In this video he says True Mother is in constant communication
with True Father.

Not so according to his recent sermons.

Also according to Hyung Jin’s words then, there was no issue of
anyone “quickening” Father’s death by pulling plugs,, while SC
supporters now are saying otherwise. And so where did that
come from?

Either way, someone is lying, either then or now.

I tend to think that the taller tales are being spun now, back then
Hyung Jin had no schism to justify.

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