Larry Moffitt
September 23, 2015

True Father told us that one of the worst things a person can do is to slander people who live for the public purpose of spiritual good health. They are God’s agents and one must not destroy them. I try to apply this to True Father, True Mother and others. I observe Hyung Jin Nim closely and I seriously, and lovingly, question the wisdom of the course he is on.

His list of accusations continues to expand. The Family Fed symbol of the happy family holding hands under a shining sun, designed by Pierangelo Beltrami in 1996, he now interprets as a ten-horned beast of the apocalypse. (The stylized pointy arms look like horns, sort of. Eye of the beholder.)

He dwells at length on a particularly rough scolding True Father gave to True Mother at a hoondokhae session early in 2012. Hyung Jin Nim does not talk about the last twenty-four hours before True Father’s final prayer and final entry into the hospital when True Father insisted on walking around every inch of Cheongpyeong with True Mother while he thanked her over and over for all she has done. Marriage is complicated.

Hyung Jin Nim speaks of some kind of unspoken “hatred of Father” that came forth after his passing, to the extent that if one mentioned the accomplishments and merit of True Father, someone else would shush him with “Why aren’t you talking about True Mother?” Allowing that there are many ways to interpret any kind of situation, and that the cultures of the churches in Korea, U.S. and Japan have variances – I have to say I never got the don’t talk about True Father memo. I never felt any of that vibe, and I have never stopped loving and speaking about True Father.

At the end of 2012, after he had passed, I managed to get support for an idea to take a couple of people around Korea and Japan to interview every major church leader in both countries. We asked everyone the same thing: tell us anything interesting that happened while you were in the room with True Father during your entire life in the church. We listened as the top thirty-five leaders with their combined hundreds of years of following True Parents, offered up their most cherished memories. From conversations lasting between two to six hours in length, we recorded and transcribed close to a thousand pages. The experience was a two-month-long celebration of love for True Father. We came out of each interview glowing with our hearts afire, thinking we were the luckiest people on the planet to be hearing this.

Hyung Jin Nim constantly searches for a broader brush, a bigger bucket of tar, and the next dramatic example to underscore the unworthiness of True Mother. Bellowing into the camera that all church leaders, whether first or second generation, are, “…waxing rich off the backs of the slaves.” His words and tone are the language of the French Revolution. The alarm bells go off in my head.

Two things to remember: (1) if the leader is extreme in his statements, the followers will be even more extreme and impulsive in their actions. He is setting in motion, forces he cannot control. And (2) revolutions eat their children. After he finishes dispensing with the rest of us, what Hyung Jin Nim espouses will be visited upon his followers and then himself. None of this is headed in a good direction for anyone. Especially for God and God’s Providence.

Many churches have rivalries, but seldom do I encounter one whose primary mission seems to be to chase down and kill another church. The ever-widening swath of demonization over the past nine months begs the question, what is his ministry? We know what he’s against, but many of us are less sure of what he’s for. True Mother is guilty in his eyes, of publishing a new Cheon Seong Gyeong, changing the anthem, wearing a purple robe like that worn by the Whore of Babylon in Revelation Chapter 17, and much, much more – with fresh charges tacked on weekly, and new and badder demons fast-tracked to the center of the pile.

Hyung Jin Nim is much too intelligent and passionate not to have an affirmative, forward-looking agenda. But it tends to get lost in the hostility, and I long to see him devote an entire hour to his plan for restoring the world and solving human conflict. There is such a thing as unrecoverable collateral damage, lines crossed that can’t be uncrossed, words that cannot be unsaid. It’s the problem of speaking without notes (I have scars). The task of healing the world’s broken lives and shattered families is made nearly impossible if you have to destroy your own mother before you can begin.

Blessing of Glory is a holy song, from a poem True Father wrote in 1950. It was inspired by True Father being released from jail, and it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Sanctuary Church sings it every week. We also sing it in our Family Fed Sunday service. Hyung Jin Nim and Yeonah Nim conduct their blessing ceremonies arrayed in robes that are a deep shade of whore-of-babylon purple. All this is good news. Both sides sing the same holy songs and we’re both okay with purple. Maybe we can find other things we share and can start building bridges.

I’m not a huge fan of churches, although I understand why we need them. I don’t even like religion. My hierarchy of devotion is fairly simple: I love God, True Parents, people and animals. Among the people have been my central figures, and they have ranged in quality from saints, to the bottom of the barrel. Even God is stuck with using those who answered yes to His call. So therefore, I have had to learn love and patience, the same as required of those who encounter me, and writings like this. The worst people are the very best teachers of my parental heart. That’s how True Father fashioned his life, and that’s how I wish Hyung Jin Nim, and me on my good days, would operate as well.

“In fishing, the best bait is love.” Guess which famous fisherman said that.

Larry Moffitt
September 23, 2015

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