The Only Begotten Daughter

“When the only begotten son comes, it would be a disaster if he were to live alone.
There has to be an only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter must be
found and, centering on God, the only begotten son and daughter should marry
each other when their mutual attraction matures. This way, God should rejoice as
the vertical parent, and the only begotten son and daughter must become the
bride and bridegroom who can rejoice as the horizontal parents and give birth to
children on earth. Only then will the tribe begin to expand.”


“So there was something Jesus most needed to have, even if it meant abandoning
the nation of Israel and Judaism. What was that? It was a woman. A man should
not be without a woman. It is because Jesus did not fulfill this purpose that towards
the end of his life, he said he was the bridegroom and that his followers were the
bride. This is why Christians have been struggling to be brides while waiting for the
bridegroom, Jesus, for two thousand years. What is the standard? It is the Messiah,
who fits into the position of the True Parent. This is the feast of the Lamb.”
(58-218, 1972.6.11)

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