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August 12, 2015 at 11:55pm

My apologies for this being so long. I tried to shorten it, but it refused. Rgds, Larry

OUR LAST BIG TEST FROM HEAVEN (except for probably not being the last)

Dear everyone,

On February 12, 1961, True Father in Korea, still years away from moving to America, foretold tribulation, saying:

“You should not be discouraged and mournful when you witness the church trembling to its core, nor should you be sorrowful seeing that the leading ideology is no longer believable. You should not be shocked, seeing that a governing leader is fallen. You should not be sad that your parents have changed, nor that your brothers and sisters end up completely different.”

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know the full context. However, on two other occasions I was there, at Belvedere on Sunday morning in the 70s or early 80s, True Father made some reference to the future and spoke of some problem that would be faced by, “the remnants of the Unification Church.” My ears perked up both times he said it, on different Sundays, and I thought, what? Others mentioned it too, so I know I didn’t imagine it.

Possibly as early as fifty-plus years ago, True Father knew this time was coming. It is becoming clearer that every single one of us is in the midst of a tremendous test of our faith. That test is originating from God.


Why is Mother doing these mysterious things that upset and baffle some? I don’t know. Here’s what I do know, and I really do know this: God sent the True Parents to this earth at this time, and God has anointed the co-authorship of their work. It is an article of faith that True Mother is inseparable from True Father in the spirit world. Whether True Mother is being guided step-by-step as she goes along, or is navigating these uncharted waters based on intuition honed by a lifetime of unity with her husband, either way I trust the process.

People in Sanctuary Church report dreams and visions from True Father telling them they are doing the right thing. Hyung-jin nim conducts a blessing and when it concludes, a quadruple rainbow appears in the sky overhead. Even dropped spaghetti noodles spontaneously form themselves into Sanctuary Church’s “SC” monogram on the kitchen table. The latter was reported and I pretty much believe it really happened. The breakaway team is euphorically claiming to be in the midst of Pentecost.

On the other side of the aisle, there are some positive developments, but I’m not seeing euphoria. I am definitely seeing God’s fingerprints on the smallest of efforts to enact the providence. This is the experience of myself and others. I’m not seeing phantasmagoric displays and spaghetti noodle phenomena. I am seeing faith in action being rewarded, but I’m not seeing Pentecost. I’m not hearing reports of True Father descending and walking with people. Is that a bad thing? Depends.

Sometimes God goes “dark” on us. It’s always unsettling, never easy when that happens. In my experience it’s usually a test. When Jesus was on the cross in his final moments, he could not feel God’s presence and he cried out, “Why have you forsaken me?” Was God truly gone? Of course not. But sometimes God has to step away from us so we can demonstrate resolute faith, standing on our own two feet. Enduring this is God’s gift, and it puts us out of the reach of Satan. I think many of us can point to other previous dark times when our faith was tested similarly.

Adam and Eve, God and Jesus shouted, “No, that’s not it!” This happened over and over, forcing True Father to his knees again and again, questioning, desperately searching. We’re told Father destroyed several Bibles, tearing through pages as he scanned every clue and cross-reference in both testaments. He would take his conclusion to God repeatedly, only to be pinned against the wall with a resounding, “NO, THAT’S NOT IT!” God had gone dark so that True Father could come to truly own the facts of his understanding. When God and Jesus were convinced that True Father was convinced, they told him he had been right all along. Even Satan had to punch his ticket.

When True Mother was blessed in holy marriage to True Father, she entered into seven years of hell. She was not even allowed to enter the church by the front door like everyone else, and everything she did was criticized by True Father. She said her life was like walking on eggshells.

When True Mother said recently that True Father did not educate her, perhaps she was referring to what he said at East Garden on May 3, 1977: “At the time we never even discussed these situations. I never said to Mother, ‘You must understand this, persevere and win because I am doing this on purpose.’ If I had explained and comforted in that way, then even though she had won, it would not have been valuable. Mother had to figure it out herself, persevere in her own understanding, in her own right. I have been explaining this in depth, revealing it today to you as I never have even to Mother; this is the first time in my life that I have explained it in such depth.”

God went dark for seven years so that True Mother could be the owner of, not just her faith, but fully one-half of the messianic mission and responsibility.


Hyung-jin nim was indeed crowned three times by True Father. Two of the crownings took place on the very same day, on opposite sides of the world. It doesn’t get any more emphatic than that. That’s as crowned as it’s possible to be.

It may be that Hyung-jin nim was sent by heaven to help the leaders of God’s movement become worthy for the next phase – to get the books in order, shed some of their excesses, be more forthright and loving so that God can use them. I believe Hyung-jin nim came to this mission with a pure and humble heart, and my own heart tells me that institutional reform is part of his work. That’s one reason he resonates with people. Show me any global institution that doesn’t need to clean up its act.

Where he errs, and he does so tragically, is in going too far. He was given the crown of succession, but he does not have the authority to dismiss True Mother from her position or responsibilities. It’s an act way above his pay-grade. I wonder if even True Father can do that on his own. The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind were created by God in a torturous and agonizing eons-long process that we all know about. After the fall of Adam and Eve, God tried to establish the True Parents at the time of Jesus. Failing that, God persevered until final success with True Father and True Mother. True Father has declared on many occasions that the True Parents did succeed.

No true child, crowned or not, has the authority to remove one of the True Parents from their position. Only God can do that. Nobody has the right to say she is blasphemous, or to call her a murderer, a harlot, a “bimbo,” or any of the other awful and disrespectful things coming out of Sanctuary Church. True Father never spoke that way even about those who harmed him the most. Those are not words you use to describe someone you actually love.

God is testing all of us. I too am baffled by some of the things True Mother does. Some of these things look askew to the earthly version of me. But it was the same for me with True Father. I often had to go along in faith until I figured it out two years down the road. Heaven never makes it easy to get it right, but by now I have learned the value of patient prayer.


I believe God’s big test for all of us today is precisely this: Do we know who the True Parents are? And do we own True Parents for real, even in the face of the wrath of God?

Do we have the stones to go toe-to-toe with God and defend True Mother even when we’re not having Pentecostal experiences with the spirit of True Father? Can we stand strong as sons and daughters of both True Parents, even when those who disrespect one of them and declare her “removed” from her God-given authority, seem to be rolling in get-out-of-hell-free cards, and eating quadruple rainbow pie?

You know that Adam and Eve were supposed to have sex. Not just sex, but the most glorious, passionate, flying across the sky, absolute sex of all. The problem was timing. Their timing was off maybe even by just a couple of years. Seems like such a little thing, doesn’t it? But it turned out to be a very big deal, because their failure to honor God’s timing has left carnage in its wake. Seven billion people today live a hellish existence of war, poverty and unspeakable cruelty. The problem of not waiting a few more years, was one of immaturity. Love is a powerful horse to ride and, without the emotional and spiritual maturity to handle it, well… we’ve seen what happens.

So yes, Hyung-jin nim and Yeonah nim were crowned as the rightful heirs. In many ways they are the best of us, and they were God’s selection. The problem has been the timing between receiving the crown and ascending the throne. There has been impatience. Bad judgment has been exercised.

Although it was a terrible shock to lose our Father before the first Foundation Day, and we have felt the vertigo of being orphaned, there can be great power in having the True Parents operating fully on both sides of the physical and spiritual divide. While True Mother, one half of the True Parents, still draws breath, she is our best connection with True Father in the spirit world. She carries fully, the authority of the True Parents.

I truly believe Hyung-jin nim’s ministry was sent to help our members get themselves ready for the final sprint to the summit. Repenting in sackcloth and ashes is always the right advice, and I take it to heart. And their couple, along with their right to lead us, is also being tested. Their maturity and wisdom and forbearance are being put through God’s crucible.

Is it too late for us all to reassemble around the center we have had for five-plus decades? It never is, not as long as we can forgive each other seven times seventy. It is time for you and me to repent. It is time to remember that God’s greatest commandment is to love others as God has loved us. It is time for you and me to own the truth of the True Parents, to grow up and know who we are.

This letter is written solely by me, and I alone am responsible for its content.


Larry Moffitt August 11, 2015

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