By Delia Ngan
SC was set up with the premise that True Mother has failed. Is it possible for Her to fail and then be replaced? From the Principle viewpoints, such case is impossible to happen because:
1). It is impossible for Her to fail as an fallen Eve as Father had already declared that She is perfected ( April 14, 2012 ) and according to DP, a perfected person cannot fall ( DP, Fall of Man, sect. iv, 6).
2). If “failure” means failure in public mission, then that cannot happen by logic because Father has declared that True Parents had already accomplished their missions. Thank to Ron Beatteay’s posting, I have got the following quotes from Chambumo Gyeong Book 1 pg. 102:
“….. on the 17th day of the 11th month by the Heavenly calendar (December 11, 2011), True Parents announced at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, ‘Now that all beings in Heaven and on Earth have aligned with God and Creator’s original standard of creation that have now been restored, I declare the completion, conclusion and closure of the entire provident and the final victory.’ Then True Father proclaimed, ‘All is finished.’
“On the 17th and 18th day of the 11th month by the Heavenly calendar (December 11 and 12, 2011), at the Ocean Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, True Parents wrote the proclamation of the final Cheon IL Guk victory, “God and True Parents are completely one. God is complete, perfected and fulfilled. Aju! Heaven is here. Congratulations! Sun Myng Moon, Aju!”
From these words of True Father, since Father and Mother and God are completely one, it is unprincipled to break this Trinity by claiming that True Mother has failed and therefore She is no longer part of the Trinity.
Since True Parents’ mission is completed, concluded and be victorious, therefore the claiming that True Mother failed Her mission is absurd. However, even though True Parents’ mission had concluded, it is not wrong for Her to stay on mission field because after Jesus ascension, it was the Holy Sprit who continued Jesus mission, and Mother is that new substantial Holy Spirit.
3). Again from Chambumo Gyeong book 1, page 102, True Father’s final prayer, “Today, as I have returned the conclusion to the final perfection to you, Father, I know that up to this moment, I have offered my whole life to you. I am spending this time now to bring my life to its conclusion, to bring it to close with utmost devotion, in accordance with your will. May the tribal messiahs be able to fulfil the calling of the national representatives. I have accomplished everything for this. I have accomplished everything. Aju!”
This final prayer of Father tells us a few important messages:
(i) Even though Father said that He had concluded, He was actually saying that True Parents’ mission had concluded, because Father and True Parents are inseparable. Since whatever Father had achieved is also whatever Mother had achieved, therefore, it is wrong to say that True Mother has failed Her mission.
(ii) True Father reminded all Blessed Couples to do their Tribal Messiah mission even in His last prayer because this is the key to advance to the future new world.
(iii) This indicates that True Parents have bequeathed their Messianic mission to all Blessed Couples on the tribal level.
(iv) Fulfilment of the Tribal Messiah’s mission will bring about the Heavenly national sovereignty, as Father said, “….May the tribal messiahs be able to fulfil the calling of the national representatives.”
4). There is only one set of True Parents and it is eternal as Father said, “Since there is only one set of True Parents, however, they cannot relate with everyone personally. That is why the Blessed Families are the representatives of True Parents…” (CSG page 249).
This indicates that True Parents are the Ones and only Ones and are eternal and are irreplaceable. As such any attempts to replace True Mother, by claiming that She failed, are unprincipled.
Also Father said, “…the era of the Family Federation will not pass, but will remain until the very end…” (CSG page 1586). This passage indicates that FFWPU cannot be replaced by SC or SC1 or SC2 etc.
Since True Parents’ mission is concluded, in my opinion, whatever True Mother is doing now is the continuation of playing Her role as a Substantial Holy Spirit while the main responsibility lies on the shoulder of all Blessed Couples, the Tribal Messiahs. However, the vertical axial line from God down through True Parents to all Blessed Couples and all mankind remain unchanged.
In conclusion, the issue of True Mother’s failure does not arise because She and True Father have already accomplished their mission. As True Parents is only one, True Mother’s position is eternal and irreplaceable.

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