“Cling Tightly To True Parents” ~ Mayne Miller

I’ve posted this before, but it seems that it may be time to post it again. When I was serving as the pastor of Manhattan Church and as the assistant to the Korean district leader in NYC back in the early 1990s, I was fortunate to be able to go East Garden and Belvedere and to hear True Father speak nearly once a week, if not more often. When birthday parties were held at East Garden, True Father would often speak spontaneously. There were numerous points that he would often make about true love and sacrifice, but there were two points that he made that were especially engraved into my heart and mind and which seem very relevant in today’s tumultuous world.

At one point in 1992 or 1993, True Father announced that he and True Mother (Hak Ja Han) had established the perfected, eternal foundation for God’s Kingdom by becoming the perfected True Parents. He went on to say that, as a result of their victory, he and True Mother would be the eternal victorious True Parents, and that there would never be, nor ever need to be any other original True Parents. I remember weeping tears of joy upon hearing this, because I never wanted any other True Parents. True Parents are my parents.

On another occasion, True Father declared that he had completely opened the gates of the spirit world and that the entire spirit world would be descending to earth creating unbelievable chaos. He said that what was coming would be the most powerful spiritual typhoon or hurricane imaginable. He said that if we imagine the earth as a flat plane, it would be as if the earth were spinning faster and faster and faster. He explained that there is only one stable point on this plane: at the very center there is a pole extending from the top of Heaven to the bottom of hell, and no matter how fast the earth spins, the center pole will remain calm, peaceful, and rock solid. He said that that center is True Parents and that anyone who clings tightly to True Parents will be calm and will be at peace. He didn’t say, “clings tightly to True Father,” he said “clings tightly to True Parents.” He also said that anyone who departs from True Parents will be swept away, just as wandering people are swept away by hurricanes and tidal waves. True Father’s explanation was very clear and very direct. Despite all the chaos and confusion of these present times, my own heart and mind are at peace, thanks to True Father’s words of guidance.

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