In Support of True Parents ~ Mary Yasuda

Originally I posted this on the “truther” site.  It is not a post of a lot of quotations from DP, the Bible, or True Parents’ words.  These things are some insights and views that I hold on the things I have read from the above over the years.  I hope that there will be something useful in what I wrote.  I didn’t want the contents to get lost and I want to do whatever I can to help Heavenly Parent and True Parents so I decided to post the contents here, too, in case they can help.  This is a long post whichI am copying and pasting so if you find mistakes, please forgive me.


Here we go:


From the Divine Principle and from Father’s speeches about the change of blood lineage, we learn that Jesus was born of a lineage which God prepared. The preparations for Jesus included the victories of Isaac and Jacob, Tamar’s sons and countless other providential events which symbolically restored the relationships in Adam’s family and the course of the fall. Mary, Jesus’ mother, inherited these victorious conditions through the conditions she set of having absolute faith, love and obedience to God for Jesus’ conception and birth. Of course, we learn that later, she failed in her responsibilities. But that does not mean that her lineage was sinless.

I believe that had Jesus been able to marry John the Baptist’s younger sister, we would understand that her lineage was also prepared. But the Bible does not speak about these matters.

We do know that God fathered Jesus through Zachariah, John’s father, though. We learned this from True Father. So even though we don’t know the details of his lineage, we could guess that it was also prepared especially for the purpose of conceiving Jesus. If that were the case, then John’s younger sister would be from that lineage too.

We met DP and True Parents based on the accumulated merit of our the people who came before us. We have a lineage of mixed relatively evil and relatively good people. Based on the merit of those who were, relatively speaking, good, we were blessed to be guided to DP and True Parents, I believe. I also think that in addition to that, we came on the foundation of merit which True Parents themselves created.

We also come from lineages which God has been working with and preparing to some degree, I think.

Father said that after Jesus’ birth, it was no longer necessary to repeat the processes in order for the LSA to be born. He never explained about how or why he could inherit what he did from Jesus.

Recently there is so much discussion about Father’s lineage and Mother’s lineage. Some people believe that Mother is putting her lineage above Father’s and cutting him out.

I honestly think that both of our True Parents came from a foundation which God had prepared.

Neither your original lineage nor mine were sinless. The same can be said for every single lineage of the past, even the lineages that Father came from and the lineage Mother came from. Their lineages are both prepared but that doesn’t mean they are sinless lineages.

True Parents themselves, in unity with Heavenly Parent, are the BEGINNING point of the first lineage free from sin.

Their unity centered on God and God’s love, having nothing to do with Satan is the beginning of the sinless lineage of God on earth. Not their ancestors, nor yours, nor mine.

I think when Mother speaks about her lineage being prepared, it does not necessarily mean she is saying her lineage is better than Father’s lineage.
I think she is testifying to the fact that she, too, was chosen by God to become the only begotten daughter. Just as Father was chosen by God to be the only begotten son.

What does this expression of only begotten son and this expression of only begotten daughter mean? It means that for the first time, both physically and spiritually, God can claim the beginning point of God’s lineage on earth through both a son and a daughter who stand as begotten of not the lineage of the fall, but as inheriting God’s lineage through love which is rooted in God only.

Jesus came to stand as the Messiah, together with the Holy Spirit, after his victorious resurrection. Spiritually but not physically, they are the only begotten son and daughter so spiritual rebirth is possible. But not physical rebirth. That is why we had to wait for the second advent.

In my opinion, the second advent is not only the second advent of sinless Adam, but it is the second advent of sinless Eve. The Holy Spirit was the manifestation of the feminine aspects of God in the spiritual world. If Jesus is the second Adam, then the Holy Spirit is the second Eve. We believe that Father is the third Adam, so isn’t it natural that his bride is the third Eve? So why do folks think it so preposterous if Mother says that she is from a prepared lineage and says that she is the only begotten daughter?

In DP, we are taught that once a person has entered into the direct dominion of God, it is impossible to fall.

Was Father teaching us a lie? Or was he teaching us the truth?

When Father PUBLICALLY proclaimed time and time again that both True Parents had entered into the direct dominion of God and restored everything, was he lying?

When he PUBLICALLY proclaimed Mother victorious over and over again, was he lying?

When he PUBLICALLY proclaimed that he and Mother were absolutely one, centering on God and that God could manifest substantially through them, was he lying?

When Father PUBLICALLY reported and proclaimed that God had been finally restored to God’s proper place, was he speaking the truth or was he lying?

In order for God to take God’s proper place and dominion, God needs the substantial True Son and the substantial True Daughter who have grown to fully embody God’s original masculinity and femininity and are united into oneness, just as within God, God’s masculinity and femininity are in oneness.

God’s Coronation includes not only things for a man, but also things for a woman. And not one chair or throne, but two. Why is this? The foundation for the restoration of both aspects of God to their true position was accomplished. This means Father’s victory and Mother’s victory were both needed and completed.

Didn’t Father talk about that? Didn’t he say that unity and oneness and perfection of both True Man and True Woman were the necessary foundation in order for God to really stand in the original position?
Was he lying?

Can a part of God fall?

I don’t think so.

Each of us is supposed to become substantial embodiments of God, too.

But this is made possible because we could be engrafted into God’s lineage through both True Father and True Mother.

A father cannot stand as a father and give birth to children without a mother. True Father said this over and over again.

The True Children are born without original sin because of both the masculine and feminine aspects of God becoming substance, corporeal, through True Father and True Mother. If there is only True Father, then birth and rebirth as children of God’s lineage is impossible and none of the members of the True Family could claim to be of God’s lineage nor can blessed couples claim this. But Father proclaimed all these things to be so. And God’s heart, God’s love is the root.

What was/is the victory that Father proclaimed, time and time again?

It was the restoration and perfection of both Adam and Eve. Lineage is rooted in love. Love originating from God or love originating from Satan.

The starting point of perfected Adam’s love and perfected Eve’s love together is God.

If that were not so, then it would be impossible for birth of people without original sin and for rebirth through engrafting.

If that were not so, then it would not have been necessary for Jesus to find a bride and marry and it would not have been necessary for Jesus to say that he would return.

How did Jesus return? We learned about this point through the lessons in DP about Elijah returning as John the Bapatist. John was not Elijah’s reincarnation and Father is not Jesus’ reincarnation.

But they are one from the standpoint of mission and responsibility and through cooperation–DP calls teaches about this through the explanations about returning resurrection.

The Messiah is not just Adam. It is not just Jesus.

Jesus stood as Messiah together with the Holy Spirit. Before oneness with the Holy Spirit happened after Jesus’ resurrection, Jesus could not stand as the Messiah fully, but was standing as restoring John the Baptist.

Had his disciples restored fully what John was supposed to do, then Jesus would have married and then stood as Messiah. Because that didn’t happen, he could only accomplish this spiritually, together with the Holy Spirit.

Or is the DP wrong and are all of Father’s words wrong? The whole purpose of a second coming was for both God’s masculine and feminine aspects to become corporeal through an Adam and Eve together.

The Jewish and the Christian concept of Messiah is INCOMPLETE because they didn’t understand about the purpose of Jesus and the anointed one. And they cannot fully embody nor manifest the FULL love of God. The FULL love of God includes BOTH masculine and feminine.

So we can say that the REAL Messiah is a COUPLE, the True Parents.

In my opinion, the returning messiah is BOTH an only begotten son and an only begotten daughter.

Most of us already recognize that Father stands as the only begotten son who was completely victorious.

The problem is that not all of us recognize that Mother, too, can and does stand in the same position of only begotten….

It is because the son fully and substantially becomes the embodiment and perfection of God’s masculinity, we and say he is only begotten.

I believe that this is true of Mother as well as Father. I believe that Mother is the daughter who fully and substantially becomes the embodiment and perfection of God’s femininity.

Without both aspects of God becoming corporeal, God’s lineage cannot exist on earth.

Everything points to our original goal, to become the embodiment of God and to perfect love. We must inherit and embody all the characteristics of God and become people who love as God does.

No matter how correct we are about theory, it is all moot until we embody and manifest God’s heart fully and live as God does, embracing even the enemy.

Father has said that the original Satan repented and returned to his original position. God, through True Parents, got Satan’s surrender through unconditional love of every person who stood in the Archangelic position, as well as that particular angel.

You can bet your life that this is the reason Father offered forgiveness to members, all members, over and over again, knowing our situations–however sinful.

Father’s loving the enemy was not just Kim Il Sung or Gorbachov or the Christians who prayed for his demise or the persons who directly caused imprisonment.

Do we think Father was clueless about the misdoings of those around?

This is the point we need to understand…to open the way for salvation and restoration and re-creation, it was necessary to be victorious by loving unconditionally.

Mother also has been doing this, I think.

If fighting through theory or words or theology were the entire way of victory, then we would not need a messiah and his bride, True Parents.

We need to inherit the essence, their hearts and love. The power of true love is greater than words. That is why God taught through the New [albiet incomplete] Testament. We are taught to not only observe the letter of the law, but also the SPIRIT. What is that SPIRIT??? It is love.

Fighting against evil is done by practicing love that is rooted in God’s heart.

I see Mother is doing this and that is why she isn’t making arguments of justifying herself.

Well, there are those who say she speaks as she does to justify herself and that she is creating a new theology.

But I disagree. She is simply expressing in a new manner aspects of the truth which were not deeply touched upon much by Father. Things which Father himself spoke of, but mostly not in detail or with what might have seemed without emphasis, just briefly and in passing.

I have always held that Father expressed things as he did because he represented the masculine aspect of God. Mother is the person who represents the feminine aspect of God so it is natural that the expression is not exactly the same as Father’s expression. They are not contradictory, rather, they are complimentary.

Whether your point of view is different from mine or not, please let us not forget that God’s desire is that we come to embody love.

There are those who call the position and actions they are taking as TOUGH love. I think that the tough love we hear about in society is different from what original love is.

God never forces God’s way. Never. Otherwise this would be a violation of human beings’ portions of responsibility and a violation of the purpose of creation and the Principle.

Coercion and force can never bring God’s ideal.

The OLD CGS tells us that the being in the old testament called Jehovah was not really God, but an ANGEL, who was trying to work on behalf of God.

All the Biblical Judgements were carried out by angels who were trying to help God advance the Providence.

Original God is not a being of destruction nor of coercion. Destruction and coercion have nothing to do with true parental heart and love.

I wish each of you much love and many blessings,

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