Regarding that video clip of Mrs. Eu saying True Father went along with Hyung Jin’s Buddhist period, but True Mother was not crazy about it…

Sanctuary is making this into something far bigger than it is. It also turns out the translator in the video is an avid Sanctuary supporter. I’m not saying the translator did a terrible job, but an honorable person would have disqualified herself at the outset. Or she could have begun with a disclaimer: “Hi, I’ll be your interpreter. I’m a member of Sanctuary Church, whose stated mission is to crush the Family Federation, which is run by the Whore of Babylon. Have a nice day.”

Deception is business as usual at Sanctuary so none of this is surprising at all. If fact it would be surprising if everything they did was above board.

Father himself once snapped at Hyung Jin for the Buddhist thing, asking him why he didn’t grow his hair out. It happened while driving somewhere, in a story told by Hyung Jin. Hyung Jin went into a funk over it. Eventually Father noticed and inquired about it, and was told by Yeonah (or someone) about the cause, and Father kind of smoothed it over or indulged it. I don’t recall where I read this, but I did read it. It might even have been in one of his two books.

It might also be that True Mother’s disagreement was quite mild. In Mrs. Eu’s telling of the story, there is no way to gauge intensity. It could have been nothing more than a comment. We have no way to know. It could simply be nothing. Is it at all unusual for a husband and wife in a loving marriage to come down on different sides of an issue? You tell me.

This is an example of Sanctuary making ten-second assertions that require half an hour to refute. It’s standard procedure at Sanctuary — accuse in haste, repent at leisure. They take a microscopic view of everything, devoid of context, and broadcast it with trumpets — their only requirement being that it vilify Mother. They argue the most minute topics all the time.

This is not a big deal at all, but Sanctuary blows it out of all proper proportion so that we will feel obligated to request a clarification from Mrs. Eu, that will end up sounding contrived. That explanation will then be used by Sanctuary to “prove” that Mrs. Eu is controlled by evil archangels.

What we do know, and can pretty much guarantee, is that Mrs. Eu’s video snippet will end up being a set piece in the boy king’s Sunday sermon for approximately the next 2-4 weeks. He needs it to be because even the bogus charge of True Mother establishing a “new teaching” that Adam fell first with Lucifer, is running out of gas for the reason that nobody at Sanctuary in Korea, Japan or the U.S. can come up with even one example of a DP workshop where this is “new teaching” is actually being taught.

So Hyung Jin needs new stuff, and thank God this came along.

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