Quotes from True Father

In defense of True Mother and True Parents a few quotes from Father:

“Because it is time to seek sons and daughters in the perfected world devoid of the Fall, you can proclaim clearly that the True Father is Sun Myung Moon and the True Mother is Hak Ja Han. If you do not do so, the spirit world will not be able to work with you. Even if you boldly proclaim this to the world, no one will oppose you. That is so only because of the Parents victory.” (229-156, 1992.04.11)

“At the Women s Federation for World Peace Leaders’ Assemblies that were held in five major cities of Korea in early July of this year, I proclaimed that my wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and I together are the True Parents of humanity, the Savior, the Lord of the Second Advent and the Messiah.” (August 24,1992)

“Preparation as Heaven’s Bride God, who sent the Returning Lord as His only begotten Son, also prepared Hak Ja Han to be Heavens Bride and His only begotten Daughter. Even when she was very young, there were occasions when people testified about her, that she would become Heaven’s Bride. As the day for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb drew near, a number of church members had dreams that Hak Ja Han would become Heaven’s Bride.” (403-239, 2003/01/23)

“By now everyone in the world should know. In fact, on July 4,2002, in Washington, DC, I conveyed a resolution from the spirit world which said, “We know and believe that God is the absolute True Parent, and that Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han are the True Parents.” It also said, “We believe that the True Parents are the embodi- ment of God, and that they are True Parents, true teachers and true owners, and we will act according to their will.” (400-221, 2003/01/01)

“Distinguished guests, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, representatives of the Women’s Federation for World Peace from seventy countries, women leaders and members of the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia: I am certain that today we are witnessing a great event that will have a profound meaning in the history of women in Korea, and throughout the world. Until now, men have provided primary leadership throughout the progress of history. This rally today, by declaring the “Beginning of the Age of Women,” marks an historic turning point for the entire world. The leadership of men has brought about a world filled with struggle and evil. Human beings continue to dream of liberation from this world of evil and struggle and the onset of a world of goodness, peace and happiness.” (The Coming of the Age of Women April 10,1992)

“The True Parents will not make their advent on the clouds from the sky. Instead, they will appear in this age and on this earth in Korea, and lead the world into an age of peace and unity. During my life of more than seventy years, I have received much persecution, yet I have never been defeated. My wife, President Hak Ja Han Moon, has walked this path of suffering together with me as the representative of all women in the world. In the course of following the path of righteousness in accordance with God’s Will, when I received persecution at the hands of unrighteous forces in the form of imprisonment, my wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, decided to gather righteous women of good conscience and begin a movement for peace.” (The Coming of the Age of Women April 10,1992)

“In early July this year, I spoke in five cities around Korea at rallies held by the Women’s Federation for World Peace. There, I declared that my wife, WFWP President Hak Ja Han Moon, and I are the True Parents of all humankind who are together the Savior, the Lord of the Second Advent, and the Messiah.” (Becoming Leaders in Building a World of Peace August 24, 1992)
“The family is the holy sanctuary that cleanses this defiled world. That is the reason it was necessary that I, as the Messiah, make my declaration to women leaders gathered around President Hak Ja Han Moon, my wife, who stands in the position of perfected Eve. This declaration is an exhortation and notice to all who follow my teachings to join Mrs. Moon and I in our attendance to God on the path of sacrifice and service for the salvation of the world.” (Becoming Leaders in Building a World of Peace August 24, 1992)

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