“The Spirit vs Letter of the Law”


Larry Moffitt
October 20, 2015

There are three blessed couples I know in our immediate area who had been listening to Hyung Jin Nim’s sermons, and had been struggling with True Mother’s decisions of the past few years. They were sincerely wondering whether to jump to Sanctuary or not.

All of these people are very good at prayer and each couple decided to take up the matter in an open-hearted and earnest prayer condition. Forty days I believe.

In each case they concluded with their decision to NOT leave True Parents.

Their prayers, and the high spirit world mobilized by such affirmative action, guided them away from the Sanctuary Church and toward the team of True Father in spirit world and True Mother on earth.

The answers they received amounted to the spirit of God countermanding the nitpicking theological minutia of Sanctuary. This is what I call a victory of the spirit of the law over the letter of the law.

A lawyer, trying to catch Jesus in a violation, asks him, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus puts it back to the lawyer, asking “What is written in the law?” The lawyer whips out Deuteronomy 6:5, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Jesus said, “Yes! Give that man a cigar!”

Then the lawyer trying to entrap Jesus asks, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus responds with the story of a man beaten by robbers who is ignored by a Priest and a Levite, both who follow their prescribed regulations dutifully and yet do not help the injured traveler, and in fact even crossing to the other side of the road to avoid possible violations of the letter of the law. Along comes a Samaritan for whom compassion is his first priority. He tends to the injured man and takes him to an inn and pays for his lodging and food. He even returns the next day to inquire about his health and pay any overage incurred.

So then Jesus asks the lawyer, “Which of these men was the true neighbor?”

The lawyer, steaming inside and making fists in his pockets, is forced to reply, “The one who showed compassion.”

And verily, Jesus gave unto him a cigar.

Herein, another victory for the spirit of the law.

Then you’ve got the adulterous woman at the well. The law said she must die by stoning. Jesus writes in the dirt a few of the sins of the people standing around: “diddling the maid-servant” and such. Until all the men standing around slink off into the shadows. Then finally, Jesus sees they’re alone and tells the woman, “Well, that was certainly interesting. Your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more.”

Once again, the spirit of the law wins. The score is Spirit of the law 3;

Letter of the law 0.

How does this apply to us, the schismistas? Sanctuary Church screams in red-faced rage, “the Han Mother changed Father’s words!” What she did was re-create the Cheon Seong Gyeong as a book of True Father’s words that’s easier to read to your neighbors and grandchildren. Both books are True Father’s words. It’s the words of True Father that bring us close to him and to God. It’s the words that are canon – the words, folks, not the book. In fact, there are enough words to fill 700 books, and True Father himself said there should be many Cheon Seong Gyeongs.

Spirit of the law – or letter of the law?

She changed the Blessing vows. Is that important?… because the true essence of the Blessing is receiving the Holy Wine from True Parents, or by their authority. This is what moves you out of Satan’s lineage and into True Parents’ true lineage. Our affirmation of the Blessing vows is our acceptance of the responsibility to become blessed central families and uphold the heavenly traditions. But whether you utter this word or that word does not make you more blessed or less blessed.

Spirit of the law.

She sat in “True Father’s chair.” True Father said that, even by herself, True Mother represents both parents. She can sit anywhere she likes. It isn’t about True Mother sitting in True Father’s chair. It’s that Mother is one with Father and therefore qualified to sit anywhere either of them would sit. When she sits in “his” chair, it may be that they are one body. Anyone who insists this is not the case, is blowing smoke because they really have no idea. Only Mother and Father can know this.

This is SPIRIT of the law, quite literally.

True Father in Danbury told a fellow prisoner, a Muslim, “Always remember that God’s love is stronger than God’s truth.” The Divine Principle also states that the power of love is stronger than the power of the Principle. Spirit of the law.

Changing the anthem, the Family Pledge, the school colors and the secret handshake. How incredibly infantile to focus on these things, and to use them in a demonic attempt to smash into smithereens the unity of the True Parents’ family, that precious family created for God, which Heaven has sweat blood for eons to try to establish from the very day it all went south on page two of The Bible.

How dare you!

If you have trouble with any of this, please do an aggressive prayer condition. Challenge Heavenly Father/Mother/Parent in prayer. Challenge Jesus. Remember Dr. Pak’s “Even Beery Graham must have showdown in closet with God.” Do that. Do like Beery Graham. Then watch carefully to see who manifests True Father’s spirit in their actions. Observe what speaks to your original heart. True Father has told us the story of leaving Heungnam prison camp and going to Pyongyang before heading southward with the stream of refugees. The North Korean army was closing in, but True Father was determined to find the members he had left behind two years earlier when he was sent to the labor camp. He found Mr. Pak, who had a broken leg and was unable to evacuate to the south. So Father put him on a bicycle and pushed him, and carried him up mountains and across rivers on his back, all the way to Pusan.

Many times Mr. Pak told Father to leave him behind, as his injury was clearly slowing them down. But True Father refused, having thought in his own mind,

“I cannot save the world if I cannot take responsibility to save this one man.” Was True Father sacrificing the world to save one person? Technically, one could see it that way. But no, he was recognizing and validating the incomparable value of an eternal human soul, as well as setting the highest possible bar for his own determination to take responsibility for every person God placed in his care. True Father was fulfilling the spirit of the law, even at the risk of everything, including his own life.

Compare this with King Hyung Jin Moon, who is thinking approximately:  “I will continue my Father’s mission to save all of humankind, but first I have to destroy my own mother.” Of course he calls it tough love, but it is not love.

True Father has said, “Only when the children harmonize can the true authority of parents appear.” That’s not something Hyung Jin Nim can ignore. He is missing the filial piety part but doesn’t know it. He can put on a crown and a purple robe, but he will not wear the authority of his parents until all the children are one. And so far, that’s not happening.

In the meantime, he paces and chants, “my mother the whore, my mother the whore, my mother the whore…”

Around and around and around the podium he goes, week after week after week. What goes around comes around, quite literally in this case. He has set in motion the future pattern for spiritual violence on earth. He has taken the True Family into new territory, lower realms of schism and the most venal betrayal of the parents of all humanity. All these things now reside within Hyung Jin Nim’s own family. And will be played out accordingly.

Hyung Jin Nim knows this. It may not bother him now, but it will. In some part of his original mind he knows he has recklessly overstepped his authority, left his proper position, has lost God’s viewpoint of his parents, and infects others with his resentments. This will all come back to his doorstep. In the spirit of the law, the Unami Indians who once lived along the Wallenpaupack in Hyung Jin Nim’s neck of the woods would remind him: you are the animal you hunt.


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