Lisa sent me a whole raft of questions, requesting I give my opinion. It’s not easy, but here I have dealt with two more questions. One of them, Eve in the subject position, is especially serious because it goes to the heart of whether someone can “change” Divine Principle. I told Lisa I was ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her in outrage if the UC was teaching Eve as the subject over Adam. And I meant it.

You will be happy to know the mystery of Eve being put in the subject position has been solved. I also address a problem with Hyung Jin Nim’s statement regarding the singing of “Blessing of Glory” in Japan.

Atsushi Yamada, Manager of the Planning Depeartment at FFWPU-Japan. Said they do not have Eve in the subject position in their official manual. The diagram (Lecturer’s guidance on True Parents’ life course) which Hyung Jin Nim shows in his sermon was an error made in Korea by someone on the staff of Dr. Tae-kyong Oh. The staff member incorrectly put Adam and Eve in reversed positions when he made the diagram. This was confirmed by one of Dr. Oh’s staff in Korea.

Korea and Japan are not sure where Hyung Jin Nim got the diagram, but they have never used it in their official education manual. They have never lectured that erroneous content. And they never will.

Without attempting to check any of this information, Hyung Jin Nim put a slide into his sermon with a larger screamer headline “MOTHER’S THEOLOGY,” pointing to the diagram.

The diagram was created in error, a typo basically. It has never been used in lectures and never will be. And most of all this is NOT a devious plot on the part of True Mother to reverse the dominion of Eve and Adam.

But in the meantime, the false accusation does damage to True Mother’s reputation. Hyung Jin Nim’s untrue statement will live forever in archives and electronic retrieval systems.

Hyung Jin Nim has a wonderful opportunity here to take a stand for truth, even if it does not support his own agenda.

Doing that is one of the signs of a man of integrity, a man who resembles his father, someone worthy to be a king. I would respect such an act and would honor him for it.


Hyung Jin Nim said in one of his sermons earlier in the year, that members in Japan are excommunicated from the church if they are caught singing “Blessing of Glory.” At the time I heard it, it was shocking to my spirit and it did not especially occur to me to dispute his word. After all, he is Hyung Jin Nim.

Every Sunday after that, Sanctuary Church underscores this by making a point of singing “Blessing of Glory” with metaphorical fists raised high.

However what Hyung Jin Nim said was NOT TRUE. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT TRUE.

I asked around. Rev. Eiji Tokuno, president of the Family Federation in Japan said, “We’re still singing Blessing of Glory at worship and workshops in Japan.”

In Korea, Ms. Mi-ran Kim in Korea, the second gen who leads the big choirs at the celebrations there has been rehearsing it with her choir. This is according to a member of the choir who called Hyung Jin Nim’s assertion “nonsense.”

I asked Michael Balcomb, president of the U.S. Family Federation. He said it was news to him, and that Blessing of Glory was among the first songs they sang at a recent leaders meeting in Las Vegas.

The problem is not that Hyung Jin Nim misspoke. That happens. The problem is that Sanctuary Church’s main agenda item is to attack the integrity of True Mother, even at the expense of truth. They jump on anything that even resembles evidence of wrongdoing, without bothering to look even an inch deeper to see if something else might be the case.
Sanctuarians, please stop doing this. If you love True Mother and are heartbroken with regret that you have no choice but to attack her integrity, as Hyung Jin Nim says almost weekly, then please choose issues that really and truly are issues.

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