How Kings Do ~ Larry Moffitt

From Larry Moffitt posting in the H2 group.

Lisa, messaged me saying, “Larry, could you repost your stupid letter? I deleted by mistake.” So here’s my stupid letter again. I have always loved Lisa, and always will, no matter how much crap goes down between the opposing views on this page. Her message, and the sense of bigness it implies, warmed my heart. God bless you all. Larry.


I watch Hyung Jin Nim’s sermons every week. His ministry, the part that goes out to the world anyway, often consists of a brief assertion of love for his mother, followed by an hour of trashing her in abhorrent, sexually dirty imagery. Whore of Babylon, mother of all harlots, Jezebel, engaging in intimate relations with devils, murderer. And on it goes, week after week, month after month. His mother, who is the True Mother of Heaven, Earth and all Humanity, maintains a mostly silent dignity in the face of this.

I followed True Father directly for 38 years, sitting and listening to him speak for hundreds and hundreds of hours. I have heard him bellow in rage and, at other times, whisper so lovingly as to be nearly inaudible. He has shouted at me; he has laughed at me for being squeamish about reaching my hand into a warm chum bucket full of putrid fish guts; he has tucked in my shirttail for me while I stood there, turning me around and sticking his hand down the back and front of my pants. He once opened his wallet and, without looking in it, pulled out everything there and gave it to me. From him, I learned how kings talk and how kings act. I know the scent and the signature voiceprint of the spirit of the King of Heaven. As do scores of others.

All kings have those who oppose them, and True Father had more foes than most, but he kept silent about those who hurt him the worst. Among these is Maria Park whose false accusations utterly destroyed God’s fragile providential course, setting the world on a devastating detour whose end we still seek. He only spoke about her at length in America in the final years of his life, after he was finally able to forgive her. He bore his pain for decades, patiently like a king and parent. It’s how kings do.

However, lacking patience, wisdom and a deep understanding of Divine Principle, Hyung Jin Nim circles the podium in olive drab, pacing like a young cat in a zoo, pausing only long enough to point at the camera and tell the evil archangels, “I’m coming to get you!” Some argue that he loves his mother and is trying to shame her back onto the straight and narrow, and that he’s a warrior monk, and that it needs to be done this way because this is tough love.

No, it is not. Love resurrects, and this doesn’t. But more important, it is devoid of respect. His method is divisive, destructive and will end up undoing the very thing he is attempting to build. Rather than move people and things toward Heaven, what he is doing endangers the legacy of the entire True Family, including his own. Where there is no unity, there is no victory for either party. Period. True Parents and the True Children will get victory together, or nobody will. This is Principle.

Hyung Jin Nim teaches, and practices I think, good marriage values personally. He is a voice of reform for our movement, which desperately needs it. True Father, bless his heart, always treated us as if we were better people than we are. Hyung Jin Nim was crowned three times by his Father AND his Mother. He’s good to go.

He says he is trying to connect to Father. But that’s not enough, and hasn’t been enough since April 1960. For 65 years, Heaven requires one to connect with the True Parents. Plural. Connecting to “Christ” was last millennium.

Right this minute we are living in a special window of time when we have one True Parent in the spirit world and one True Parent on earth. The full force of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity exist at the same time on BOTH SIDES of the divide. In a situation that can last only a few short years, we have a direct conduit between there and here. True Father’s passing was a big shock, but it resulted in opening the door to what could be the Golden Age of Unificationism. Never before has the veil between this world and the next been so thin. At this time it is easier than ever to educate the entire world about the reality of the spirit world. With True Father there and True Mother here, we are living in the most unique, amazing time – with opportunities that will never come again.

Many good people are praying for Hyung Jin Nim every day. He has personal integrity and courage. Nobody’s asking for touchy-feely love, but increasingly he is brutal, cocksure, full of his own certitude, angry. He’s a good man, but he cuts himself off from his best protection, the True Parents. He has entered territory nobody knows better than them. As True Parents’ chosen successor, he is surely aware of the dangers that stalk him, that he and his lineage are Satan’s prime target. His worst enemies in this regard, are those who worship the ground he walks on.

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