Mother Sitting In Father’s Chair



Larry Moffitt
October 7, 2015

A while back, Lisa asked me to respond to numerous questions, of which one was,
approximately: “How dare Mother sit in Father’s chair?!”

Happy to oblige, Lisa. But first I need to say a few words about something purported
to be from a Japanese lecture manual that refers to True Mother, God and True
Father as a trinity with “God and True Father inside True Mother.” This has been
cited dozens of times on the Truther Facebook page, so it needs to be addressed.

Sanctuarians see this, incorrectly, as another of True Mother’s egregious transgressions,
as EVEN FURTHER PROOF, that she betrays True Father, the Cosmos and God.
And God’s friends. Although True Mother herself never actually said this, that we know
of, the fact of it happens to be quite principled.

For example, True Father said, on November 15, 1970, “When giving us love, how
much would God want to give? God is not one who limits His love, saying, ‘Okay,
okay, that’s enough.’ God wants to love without limit. Even after giving everything,
God will still say, ‘Because of who you are, I WANT TO LIVE DEEPER INSIDE YOU.’
That impulse is in the original nature of love.”

God being inside us is a well-traveled and time-honored trail.

“I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” Jesus said.

“Namaste” (“I bow to the Divine in you” or “The God within me salutes the God
within you”). Hindu originally, but many spiritually-oriented people say this today.

“Jesus Christ, will you please come into my heart?” Larry Moffitt made that request at
age twelve. Jesus did just that, and sort of became lodged there.

To what degree is God inside us? Oodles. True Father continued, “God says, ‘I am love.’
This means He likes love by night and by day, while working, resting, dancing or crying.
This is why He said, ‘I have love, in all its fullness.’ The phrase, ‘in all its fullness,’
indicates that everything is contained therein. The one who likes love most is God. Since
God has such love, if we come to know and taste His love, we will not let go of God even
at the cost of our life.”

So yes, God and True Father are inside True Mother. Did you ask them to come into
your heart? If you sincerely did that, they are inside you as well.


A sister attending the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Women’s Federation for
World Peace in Las Vegas, on October 28, 2012 – about two months after True Father
passed – shared this experience with me.

True Mother was sitting in her chair, while the speechifying was going on. At one point,
she quietly moved over to True Father’s chair. (This could have been the first time this
happened in the U.S.)

She said that when True Mother sat down in True Father’s chair, her body language
changed. “She appeared to become physically bigger. It was subtle, but I noticed True
Mother’s body become bulkier and she sat forward. She looked larger. I asked the
person next to me if she noticed what I saw, and she affirmed it.” This sister understood
that True Father wanted to physically see the members in the audience and had placed
himself inside True Mother. Mother moved to True Father’s chair to indicate and to honor
Father’s subjective position as the observer.

Look into your own heart as you read this. Isn’t this expression of unity what you want
within your own marriage? In a world governed by acts of selfless giving, would you
and your spouse desire anything more than to be in and out and all around one another
after one of you passes on? My beloved, you may represent us everywhere; you may
eat our food; you may speak our words; you may dream our dreams; you may love our
loves. You may sit in our chair.

Isn’t this what it means to be ascended? When your spouse ascends, you too are
invited into a new dimension of love. I am not telling you anything new. Look to your
heart. The sister who had this experience is widely respected as one with a high
standard in all the ways that matter. She was a sacrificial foreign missionary and
has never offered a public opinion on Hyung Jin Nim one way or the other. (It’s not
Susan Fefferman, who also resembles this description, which I need to say because
many of you know we are close). This sister does not speak of her spiritual experiences
lightly, and she is of a trustworthy character, so I believe her.

Hyung Jin Nim said that, in the Orient, a wife sitting in the King’s chair is a major
offense and that everyone would be horribly insulted by it. Culturally speaking that is
absolutely correct, and I’m sorry, but screw the Orient. Also, didn’t Jesus turn things
upside down when he willfully violated societal law by healing a man on the Sabbath
and telling him to pick up his mat and walk? True Father, during lunch at East Garden,
pointed right down into the crotch of the Grand Mufti of Yemen and told him, “That meat
is for your wife.” It took His Excellency’s security staff, also at the table, a while to digest
that comment and the pointing thing.

To restore the world, God blows the doors off the rules of the Orient and the Occident.
True Father strode the earth like a colossus, knocking over walls, taking every footstep
for God. True Father and True Mother continue to walk hand-in-hand, even inside one
another, one on the spiritual side and the other on the physical. In the quiet, and
sometimes noisy, intimacy that is marriage I imagine they share a lot more than chairs.


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