Portaits of Reconciliation


Jean Pierre Karenzi
Perpetrator (left)

Viviane Nyiramana
Karenzi: “My conscience was not quiet, and when I would see her I was
very ashamed. After being trained about unity and reconciliation, I went
to her house and asked for forgiveness. Then I shook her hand. So far, we
are on good terms.”

Nyiramana: “He killed my father and three brothers. He did these killings
with other people, but he came alone to me and asked for pardon. He
and a group of other offenders who had been in prison helped me build a
house with a covered roof. I was afraid of him — now I have granted him
pardon, things have become normal, and in my mind I feel clear.”


This is a humbling article to read on the subject of reconciliation.  I posted an excerpt here from the NY Time link ( below ).  It represents the very extremes of what is possible,  because they have actually done it.

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