What True Father REALLY Said on July 16, 2012

What True Father REALLY Said on July 16, 2012

By Tyler Hendricks

What True Father said over the years about True Mother, Heavenly Mother, and the role of women in the world’s future, is eye-opening. Take for example, his “Keynote Speech at the Inauguration of the Abel Women’s UN,” July 16, 2012. True Father’s prepared text is amazing, and his extemporaneous remarks are just as profound.


First, let me share some passages from the formal, printed speech.

“Today’s historic, inaugural assembly of the Abel Women’s United Nations was made possible by the foundation of the declaration of the coming of the global era of women. Twenty years ago, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and I declared this era, when we founded the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) in April 1992 as a central organization of the women’s peace movement, in accordance with Heaven’s decree.

“From the moment of its inauguration, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and I have worked together as cofounders to prepare the ground for WFWP’s global organization and the foundation for WFWP activities.

“At WFWP’s inaugural assembly, my wife said in her inaugural message that, under True Mother as the victorious representative of the world’s women, women can establish now the model of a true mother and true wife and form ideal families through a true love movement.

“As we usher in such a cosmically historic and revolutionary era of changes, my wife and I solemnly declare the inauguration of the Abel Women’s United Nations.

“Beloved woman leaders, you are not here merely to help or to be protected by men; rather, women are independent individuals who, as representatives of the feminine aspect of God’s nature, are meant to make men more complete and manly. Centering on true love, women are men’s precious love partners. Men and women are absolutely equal in terms of value.

“Men and women who unite through the true love inherent in the original ideal share the same position. Also, they attain the right to accompany each other wherever they may be. Furthermore, they attain the ideal right of inheritance, where all their property belongs to each equally. Thus, when the original love unites men and women in God’s ideal of true love, they become completely equal beings, focused on true love, by sharing the same rank and the right of participation and their possessions with one another.

“I sincerely ask you to choose True Mother’s path, the path of a true wife, of a true daughter and of a true woman leader who will build a unified world where freedom, peace and happiness overflow in its truest form.”


True Father also made extemporaneous remarks during the speech. Mrs. Hee Hun Standard, translator for the Institute for True Parents Words, reviewed these. Most of them were about the global contribution of WFWP, the UN’s recognition of WFWP, and the WFWP achievements in the arena of education and relief. But True Father also shared deeply about Heavenly Mother and True Mother, as follows.

19:28, referring to the Garden of Eden after the Fall: “There was no [Heavenly] Mother or True Mother. …People know about Heavenly Father, but not the [Heavenly] Mother. Yet they fight [without knowing this]. Who is going to solve this problem?”

22:35 “Due to Adam’s failure, [Heavenly] Mother was lost.”

23:09 “I had to re-create [True] Mother. So no matter how much opposition I had to face, I was absolutely [determined to] erect her before all humankind.”

44:~~ “I have been leading the movement throughout the world in the attendance of [True] Mother.”

47:20 “True Parents have been leading the movement. FFWP should go beyond NGO [level]. In order to expand all throughout the world, the Abel Women’s UN is absolutely necessary. That is God’s absolute command.”

59:~~ “Woman is not the one who only needs protection from man. She is part of God’s duality. She is an independent being with character, who can perfect man.”

1:05:22 “I have raised [True] Mother. [If not for me,] there would not have been [Heavenly / True] Mother. There would not have been Rev. Moon’s wife. [Unidentified subject] would be doing whatever [he / she / they … wants / want].”

1:08:05 “Once a woman becomes the chairperson of the Abel Women’s UN, how much the world will change. Think about it.”

1:17:~~ “People must move forward centered on True Parents. That is the path that all humankind must walk.”


True Father’s speech is a resounding statement uplifting True Mother, whom he raised as his wife even against great opposition. Through True Father’s victory we find Heavenly Mother, whom Adam had lost. True Father pronounced her the one to change the world as the chairperson of the Abel Women’s UN, the venue for all women to restore the world. He uplifted the status of all women to complete men, as men in turn complete women, and said that a wife shares position, place and property with her husband. Father declared that through the Fall, Heavenly Mother was lost, but now is found. He intimated that people fight because they do not know Heavenly Mother.


I have seen a mistranslation of the passage at 1:05:22, rendering it, “I raised up Mother [but now] there is no Mother. …There is no one in the position of Rev. Moon’s wife. …Mother is acting as she pleases, doing whatever she wants.” These words contradict everything else True Father said in the speech that afternoon. Why would such a mistranslation come about?

I asked Mrs. Standard about this. She interpreted for True Father from 2000 to 2012, and has been translating True Father’s texts since then, and she shared several reasons. One, Father often changes verb tense, and this can confuse the interpreter. Two, Father, like most Korean speakers, often omits the subject from the sentence. The interpreter either has to leave out the subject, or decide based on context. Three, Korean also is not precise with active versus subjunctive verbs; for example, “there is” versus “there would be.” The above translation illustrates second and third pitfalls.

Mrs. Standard’s translation respects Father’s heart and vision for True Mother and all women, which comes through loud and clear when one reads the entire speech.

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