True Mother’s Comments ~ Larry Moffitt

Comments to Richard Panzer of the Sanctuary Church

“Richard, I watched all of True Mother’s words in the FamFed video you referred to. Nowhere in the subtitles does TM claim to have walked her 57-year path “ALONE.” The “A-word” does NOT appear in the subtitles. I think you may not have actually watched the video you deride.

However, you might insist that she does say “alone” in Korean, but it didn’t make it into the written captions. If that is the case, there are many kinds of “alone” that can apply. One obvious one is that True Mother was alone in being the first Eve to get more than a few feet out of the gate, much less succeed in her mission. The path of Eve is one that no other human being can walk except Eve alone.

You and others sitting in judgment of Mother, are making calls that are way above your pay-grade to make. Even His Majesty the Second King of Cheon Il Guk, has no authority to fire either of the True Parents who gave him life. Occupying those positions is God’s decision alone. As you insist on interpreting every utterance and action of True Mother in the very worst possible way, week by week the hearts of Sanctuarians become increasingly shriveled, uncharitable and tiny.”

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